Whether you’re planning your company’s holiday party, a holiday get-together with friends, or just want to have an amazing “holiday style” meal without having to make it yourself…

For the last 2-3 months, we have been working on putting together the *PERFECT* Holiday Catering Menu, just for you! From selecting the menu items & recipes, to the taste testing (which none of us seemed to mind 😉 ), to our very methodical testing procedures– where we simulate the entire catering process in order to ensure that the items will meet our high quality standards even an hour (or more) later.

Our first 2018 Holiday Catering was to Angie’s List (Downtown Indy), last Wednesday for lunch. It all smelled SO amazing as our delivery staff set everything up and had all of this food ready for the hungry, hardworking people in the office. We can’t wait to share the amazing items on this menu with many more groups in the Central Indiana area this holiday season!!

Make sure you check it out here: Indy Fresh Catering – 2018 HolidayFall Menu


Happy Holidays from Indy Fresh Catering!!

Indy Fresh Catering