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Best Caterer Indianapolis Wedding Badge

We’ve Earned our Badges!

Don’t take our word for it.  Just read our reviews, or ask any of our wedding clients! We’ve been awarded ‘Best of Weddings’ for 2019 and 2020 by We also won the Couples’ Choice Award on WeddingWire for the past 3 years. These awards are given based on reviews from real couples who used the vendor’s services. These awards are only presented to the top 5% among wedding vendors! 

Choosing your Wedding Caterer is a deeply personal decision, and we get that! We are intentional about being open, honest & attentive from start to finish! We don’t drop unwanted surprises on you – like exorbitant service/delivery charges, labor or venue fees, or hidden costs.

We are not a Careless Catering company.  Whether you choose one of our classic, Chef-inspired dinner packages, a modified version to fit your guests’ palates and dietary needs,  or a customized spread inspired by your own ideas, we’ve got you covered!  We care about your vision, and we have an award-winning, classically trained Chef to back it up. He’s not burned out or stuck in his ways either.  He gets genuinely excited to take your ideas and turn them into culinary crowd-pleasers.  Whatever your menu ideas are – from an Indian-American fusion menu, to an All-American burger bar, or an all-vegan or gluten free menu, we’ve done it! We’re happy to try new things.
Many engaged couples would agree that the food at their wedding should be an expression of their unique style and personality.  Catering companies that operate like machines, pumping out mass quantities of the same, bland mediocrity would be wise to listen to their prospective couples and work together with them.  It’s a win-win! We may be the experts, but it’s YOUR wedding!
fCompanies whose focus is to win clients over with their ‘quick and easy’ (rushed and robotic) quoting process have us asking the question – who is really benefiting from that scenario? Lunch during a busy work day should be quick and easy.  Your Wedding catering is a big deal.  It’s not an impulse buy… and we recognize that. So we don’t pressure you!  When we cater weddings, we don’t focus on ‘quick and easy’ but rather ‘meaningful and effortless.’  If you want quick, we can do quick! There’s no doubt we can get a couple from their initial inquiry to quote to tasting to contract and Boom – Done. IF that’s your style. However, if your wedding is 9 months away, we will give you time and space, while guiding you through the organized, simple steps of the process when you are ready.
In our experience, couples aren’t in a hurry to book their wedding catering – unless the window between their engagement date and wedding date is intentionally short. According to,  the average couple takes 13-18 months to plan their wedding. There’s a reason for that! It gives plenty of time to make informed, careful decisions (and AGREE) about important pieces like catering, venue, flowers, music, etc.
We respect the boundaries of our couples, and we are mindful of THEIR timeline and budget,  That’s why we don’t RUSH them to tastings and pressure them into signing contracts on the spot, like it’s an ‘everything must go’ sale.   We give our couples the information and communication they need, provide an opportunity to taste our amazing food when they’re ready, and then we walk them through the quote and contract on THEIR timeline. Are you getting the gist? Your wedding isn’t about US. It’s about YOU. It’s not a summer fling… it’s a lifelong commitment.
It’s no coincidence that ‘run-of-the mill’ mediocre caterers tend to have a ‘one size fits all’ menu of less-than exciting options. Catering becomes a commodity in a sense, and we are not aiming to be the Wal-Mart of caterers.  If a businesses main objective is to book as many weddings as possible – as quickly as possible, it is reasonable to presume that they are not putting the proper care into preparing delicious, high-quality food or putting the customer first. .  Chances are, they aren’t putting much heart behind the booking process or package/pricing structure.
When you book Indy Fresh Catering for your wedding, what you see is what you get.  We designed our wedding packages to be simple and straightforward.  If you’re throwing a casual celebration on a budget- our Essentials package is for you.  We’ll deliver, set everything up in disposable serving dishes, and leave you to your night.  If you’d like to know everything is taken care of, our Full-Service Deluxe package includes everything you could possibly need to have a successful reception.  We don’t tack on Service Fees, Delivery Charges, Venue Fees, or any other bank-breaking surprises. Our food is on par with the high end catering companies who offer plated meals.  We just present our catered meals in a way that doesn’t obliterate your budget right off the bat! If you’re not a fan of buffet-style catering, just talk to us!  We can do stations, Family-Style, and we’re open to your ideas.
We’re not here to lure you into signing with us by advertising the lowest prices out there and scaring you into thinking you’ll lose your date.   We are here to offer you incredible food at an unbelievable price – a price that causes jaws to drop once they’ve tasted our food. A price that INCLUDES the bells & whistles, delivery, service, labor, equipment and clean up.   And a Catering Team with Integrity.  You deserve that!  It’s our ‘vow’ to you. If we’re getting down to the wire, and you’re at risk of your date becoming available, then of course we will give you a heads up – because we care.  It’s pretty simple!
Just to be clear – this is a no judgment, no negativity zone! We don’t feel that we are superior to other companies, nor do we wish to discredit them or how they run business…that is not who we are. We want to compare and contrast and always improve, only when it’s from a genuine desire to educate those shopping for caterers, share positivity and bring people together through great food. Catering is like any other business in that there are many styles– It takes all kinds of kinds! There are advantages quick quotes & basic/generic food.  There are also plenty of couples who choose to go that route, while focusing their budget on other aspects that are closer to their hearts.
Couples have to find the right caterer that works for them individually.  We support and partner with all sorts of local businesses – including our competitors! We appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to run a business of any kind.   We also respect the fact that each company has their own niche!  To each their own! We are very passionate about our own set of values, and the ‘WHY’ behind what we do.  We want to share the heartbeat of our company with you, as we continue to grow and evolve. Our goal is to create an individualized, amazing catering experience for each and every one of our customers.
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