Indianapolis in May conjures up memories for me and really they seem to revolve around family, friends, and food. One of my fondest memories was of my Dad and his friends along with a few of us kids, packing up the coolers with soda, beer, and food to head to the track for the Indy 500. Once at the track, it was hard not to be consumed with all the smells…..smells from grills already cooking every kind of meat imaginable, even at 7am . Then there were the vendors, bbq stalls, fried chicken stalls, hot dog stalls, all with lines a hundred deep.

Actually the whole month of May centers around family, friends, and food. Neighborhoods start decorating their houses and streets with checkered flags by May 1st. Mailboxes begin to fill up with invitations to parties and the grills heat up.

I remember my excitement when I was in college coming back home for a long break because it meant the summer would start with an Indy 500 party. The food was probably potato chips and beer, no doubt.

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